CAT5e Active DAS
CAT5e Active DAS
CAT5e Active DAS
CAT5e Active DAS


CAT5e Active DAS

ZoneDAS and SlimDAS


Why ZoneDAS delivers Best Total Cost of Ownership

Zyxel ZoneDAS
Shorter Project Cycle, More Project Income
Low TCO $3/m2

  • Easy planning by Remote Unit signal coverage

  • Active DAS with auto power & auto leveling support

  • Easy Cabling with RJ45 cables

  • Plug-n-Play, 2-day deployment


Off-Air Passive DAS

Long Project Cycle, Less Project Closed
High TCO $10/m2

  • Planning via complex link budget calculation

  • Planning and site survey more than 1 month

  • Difficult Cabling with ⅞” or ½” coax cables

  • Deployment cycle more than 1~1.5 months


Supreme Voice and Data quality for all size venues

  • ~5,000m2 Show Rooms
  • ~10,000m2 SMB buildings & Warehouses
  • ~40,000m2 Shared Office & Hospitals
  • ~80,000 Hotels & public venues


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