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Elevate your small business with Aruba Instant On – the powerful and hassle-free Wi-Fi solution tailored for your needs. Trust in a renowned brand to deliver a premium, simple, and intuitive Wi-Fi experience for your customers.

Designed for businesses with up to 100 active users and perfect for multiple locations, Aruba Instant On utilizes cutting-edge wireless technology, 802.11ac Wave 2, ensuring lightning-fast performance even in the midst of numerous mobile devices. Rest easy with the latest security features (WPA2/WPA3) providing authentication and encryption, guaranteeing your customers' communications remain private.

Say goodbye to guest Wi-Fi challenges! Aruba Instant On effortlessly separates guest traffic from business applications, enabling shops, yoga studios, and other businesses to meet customer expectations for ubiquitous Wi-Fi without any worries. No more hurdles – guests can connect securely without the hassle of requesting usernames and passwords. Supercharge your small business with Aruba Instant On and attract more visitors with reliable, secure, and high-performance Wi-Fi.