MagicOffice Repeater
MagicOffice Repeater
MagicOffice Repeater
MagicOffice Repeater


MagicOffice Repeater

Quad-Band Repeater

MagicOffice Repeater

No more complaints for poor mobile signal from customers or employees

  • Supports 5G NR FDD for better coverage
  • Strong mobile signal brings revenue and productivity
  • Oscillation avoidance and Auto uplink mute
  • Outstanding voice and date quality

Extend Mobile Signal into Small Offices, Café, Bars, Restaurants or Shops

MagicOffice is a quad-band mobile repeater to resolve poor signal reception issues in smaller offices and commercial venues.
Building on compact design without detracting supreme 5G NR 256QAM signal quality in FDD communication system, MagicOffice Repeater with intuitive LED signal indicator enables worry-free rapid installation with soft coaxial cables for system integrators, meanwhile guarantees outstanding voice and data quality for business venue owners.


Coverage Planning Made Incredibly Easy!

Worry-free installation with selected tool kit, choose the one that best fits in your environment.


Smart Protection and Absolute Network Safe for Operator Network

  • CE RED Certified

Electronic products sold in Europe all requires the “CE” mark label placed on. It declares that a product meets the applicable essential health and safety requirements for European citizens by ETSI specifications. Zyxel repeaters are all compliant with the “Radio Equipment Directive” (RED) requirements.

  • Carrier Network Safety

Zyxel repeater has a built-in smart algorithm for isolation determination. When the system detects the donor antenna is close to a service antenna, which may lead to a signal looping/oscillation, the system itself will intelligently reduce its system gain to ensure no looping/oscillation happen.


Zero Uplink Interference When Inactive

The repeater should automatically switch off its uplink when there are no mobile phones in use indoor. This reduces overall noise even the repeater at standby mode without propagating environmental thermal noise back to operator’s base station.

Stable Coverage and Uplink Communication

Auto gain control will dynamically adjust the system gain to protect the system from overload if oscillation or a high input signal is detected. Auto levelling enables the system to adapt to the power level of the cellular network. For example, when a base station has updated its output power, or turned its antenna towards a different direction, the base station won’t detect unexpected power level in cellular network.

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