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  • Keep retail shoppers and staff safe
  • Reduce stock shrinkage and shoplifting
  • Improve profitability of retail outlet through data mining

Design Points

  • High definition IP camera with smart analysis feature such as people counting provides real-time statistics to help retailer monitor customer flow, refine marketing efforts and allocate staffs’ working shifts more effectively. Besides, facial recognition feature is another powerful new algorithm embedded to the IP camera. The technology extracts face from a CCTV footage in real time, which is stored in the database of hard disk in the recorder that can be retrieved through smart playback.
Store Layout
  • IP camera improves in-store customer engagement with heat mapping function. The shopper focused solution tracks the customers’ traffic pattern in a store. Commonly walked areas that are of heavy traffic are marked in red, while spots that are marked green had lower traffic. The data mining shows where it matters in the store and allows retailers to optimize their store layout as well as to strategize where to place their merchandise.
  • POS integration between IP camera and POS machine with the main purpose to reduce counter fraud and losses. Actual event during the bar code scan of each sales item will be overlaid on the CCTV recording footage to deter counter staffs from fake scanning an item during checkout. Sales data linked between the POS machine with the HCVR or NVR recorder can be retrieved during smart search to increase the efficiency of playback.
Thermal Body Temperature Measurement
  • Thermal CCTV camera, which is capable of high accurate bod temperature measurement +-0.3°C (with blackbody). Built-in AI algorithm for multi-person measuring up to 3m distance which enables fast and non-contact access.

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