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  • Protecting assets from threats
  • Prioritize staffs and customer's safety

Design Points

  • Combination of built-in (pinhole camera) and external (vandal-resistant dome) cameras are used to provide close-up face images for identification, as well as to monitor criminal behaviour such as: card skimming or trapping, vandalism, robberies or even ram raids.
Branch Office
  • Indoor (dome camera) and outdoor (bullet camera) solutions to monitor parking lot, building perimeter, reception area and corridors. Wide dynamic range (WDR) feature is commonly used for indoor solution to overcome varied lighting conditions, especially for main entrance large glass doors and shiny floors. WDR feature is critical for close-up face images at the entrance and exits.
Thermal Body Temperature Measurement
  • Thermal CCTV camera, which is capable of high accurate bod temperature measurement +-0.3°C (with blackbody). Built-in AI algorithm for multi-person measuring up to 3m distance which enables fast and non-contact access.

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