Bank Security System

Bank Security System


  • Defend assets against threats

  • Prioritize worker and customer's safety.


Design Points

  • A combination of built-in (pinhole camera) and external (vandal-resistant dome) cameras is utilised to offer close-up face photos for identification and to monitor criminal behaviour such as card skimming or trapping, vandalism, robberies, or even ram raids.

Branch Office
  • Indoor (dome camera) and exterior (bullet camera) systems for monitoring the parking lot, the building perimeter, the reception area, and the corridors. Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology is often utilised in indoor solutions to handle varying lighting conditions, particularly for main entry large glass doors and shining floors. Close-up facial shots at the entrance and exits require the WDR function.

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement
  • Thermal CCTV camera capable of measuring body temperature +-0.3°C with excellent accuracy (with blackbody). Built-in AI algorithm for multi-person distance measuring up to 3meter, allowing for quick and non-contact access.


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